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How I Recovered From Autism

How I Recovered From Autism  / My Autism Story



Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Now on to it!

Early Life

At age two I was diagnosed with Autism. The doctors told my parents that I have Autism and I would never be able to speak. They said I would only say nouns and point to what I was saying. Before kindergarten I worked with a specialist at my house. She taught me how to say words, write sentences, and count to 100 and the alphabet.

School Life

In kindergarten I was far ahead of everyone in the class. Not only could I speak, I could write a sentence and count to 100. Normally you would learn that in grade 1 or 2. Teachers did not even believe my mom when she told them I had Autism because they thought I was 'too smart.' I stopped working with my specialist and was left with no specialist at all. Since the teachers thought I was 'too smart' I got no assistance at school. I started to fall behind in school as the grades went up. I got an E.A sometimes but it was only for thirty minutes a day or twice a week. Working with not only me, but other students at the same time. Honestly, that wasn't enough to help me.    

Becoming Gluten and Dairy Free

One day my mom mentioned about becoming gluten and dairy free to recover, not cure, but recover from Autism. I decided to try it but I will tell you it took a lot to get use to. I cheated on the diet a few times because I would crave "junk" but then decided I should not cheat anymore because I am older and more wise. 

There have been a lot of people with Autism who tried the diet and had great success. Unfortunately, most people do not believe that the diet makes a difference. Hopefully my story will make them second guess. 

How Eating Gluten and Dairy Makes me Feel and Behave 

Eating gluten and dairy makes me feel absolutely rotten. I will get bad melt downs. My heart pounds extremely fast and yell when I get mad. I would put another person down if they had made me upset or stressed because I don't have the ability to communicate properly. I feel more angry and cry for no reason. If you ask me why I am crying I would say, "I don't know." I also repeat the same sentence over and over again, every five minutes, literally. All of these problems make relationships with people hard to keep.

So now that I shared with you all the bad stuff that gluten and dairy can do to someone with Autism. Now onto the good stuff! :) 

How NOT Eating Gluten and Dairy Makes me Feel and Behave

Not eating gluten and dairy makes me feel fantastic. I have absolutely no melt downs. When I don't have to worry about uncontrollable meltdowns I feel like I'm walking on a cloud. I respond calmly to a problem. For an example if there is a problem with something I would say, "lets try to work it out" instead of putting the other person down and yelling at the top of my lungs. I do not isolate myself I get involved in activities with other people. If someone upsets me it doesn't bother me as much because I can communicate effectively in a way that gets my point of view across. Did I mention that I don't cry just out of the blue? The only time I cry is if something sad happens, which is normal. Since all of the problems that gluten and dairy give me have vanished, I now have better relationships with family and friends. 

The End...

I hope you enjoyed reading my story and thanks again for reading. <3



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